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Elya Green Technologies

The technology utilizes polyethylene bags to form a plastic multilayer sheet suitable for the manufacture of a variety of products. 


  • Elya’s current technology is based on recycling polyethylene bags (high and low density) in an environment friendly process.
  • The principle technology is based on unique adhesive formulations composed of raw materials from renewable resources that bond waste polyethylene films to produce decorative strong multi-layered sheets.
  • These multi-layered sheets are transformed into long lasting products for fashion and office markets.




  • Elya’s recycling technology is based on relatively low temperatures (<100 degrees centigrade).
  • Elya has developed and owns a basic Patent and related technologies for unique adhesive formulations designed for the recycling of polyethylene and other waste products.
  • Elya’s technology takes advantage of the variation that exists in waste polyethylene films in order to produce one of a kind products.

After finalizing its preliminary composition the company will focus continual research and development efforts on developing new and improved chemical compositions of alternate natural formulations for polyethylene recycling (both high and low density).  These efforts will be geared towards creating stronger materials by mixing other natural materials such as chalk, wood flour, textile fibers or glass in the process thereby creating new, environment friendly raw materials, with different properties, suitable for the creation of plastic furniture and other plastic based products.
Future developments will include breakthrough compositions for all natural derived adhesives.

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