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About Us

Elya Recycling has developed and patented an innovative method for recycling plastic that is based on a specialized formulation of natural ingredients.


Due to its unique properties, making the material requires 50% less energy than current recycling methods and 83% less energy than virgin manufacturing, with significant economical and environmental advantages.
The company plans to continue research and development efforts in order to finalize the chemical compositions for new varieties of raw materials.




Elya strives to lead the polyethylene-based recycling industry in Israel and abroad.




  • The recycling market and associated green technologies are highly growing businesses.
  • A large number of countries have legislated rules, regulations and specifications that demand the use of recycled materials.
  • Polyethylene bags have attracted a great deal of attention due to their environmental visibility. Hence, packaging materials (mostly based on polyethylene) are part of special recycling regulations and in many cases their recycling is subsidized by a large number of States.
  • State of the art recycling technologies for polyethylene packaging are based on cleaning, melting and palletizing by using high temperatures (>200 degrees centigrade) and high energy levels, that in turn contribute to the formation of carbon dioxide.




  • The technology for the production of Polyethylene/paper multi-layer films and sheets has been developed
  • Elya’s basic Patent passed the PCT stage
  • Elya’s technology was tested and approved on a semi –industrial scale
  • More than 30,000 square meters of multi-layer films have been produced
  • More than 5000 fashion bags and office items have been manufactured
  • New adhesive formulations are under development for bonding of a variety of recycled materials (plastics, wood, metals)
  • The new formulations are aimed to produce flexible or rigid products for the fashion and building industries 


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